A: Climate Change (CC)

  • Environmental and Social Studies

ECCS Company is working for development, planning and preservation of social and environmental issues of the area, country and region where different environmental and economic development projects are in operation. It focuses on environment protection, social settings, food security as well as other agro-ecological and socioeconomic disciplines. Recently Company has shown a remarkable progress in terms of development of social and environmental studies i.e. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Food Security Assessments, and has also acted as Third Party Validation Expert Company for various engineering and poverty alleviation projects.

For all the projects carried out from the ECCS Platform, there is always an Environmental focus which includes the IEE, ESIA, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Assessments, HSE Audits, Environmental M&E, CDM and Technical Due Diligence etc.,

  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Studies

Clean Development Mechanism is comparatively new and complex discipline where ECCS fortunately has an experience in terms of providing financial and social services to the pilot project of 100MW Solar Power Generation Project to Government of the Punjab situated in Cholistan, Bahawalpur.

Main services offered by ECCS in various disciplines are:

  • Training and Awareness of CDM/ Carbon Credits
  • Project Identification
  • Project Concept Document
  • Project Design Document
  • Verification and Registration of CDM Projects
  • Carbon Trading