Economic Uplift

 H: Economic Uplift

 ECCS provides the following expert services in environmental sciences and engineering planning and management:

Baseline Data condition of Environmental Pollution: Survey and studies of physical resources like geology, topography, meteorology faulting and seismology, ecological resources like marine ecology, flora, fauna, endangered species, features of the land use, transportation and allied socio-economic conditions, take employment, education and the related social amenities.

Social / Ecological Investigations: Assessment and MIS Investigations in an environmentally sensitive area, e.g., watercourse, wetland, active dunes, arid lands, or forest area, terrestrial and aquatic ecological investigations.

Environmental Health and Safety: Assessment of health damages to the surrounding communities due to the incremental pollution, and estimating the potential risks to the health and safety of workers during construction, preparation of HSE manual.

Environmental Assessments: Assessment of the environmental impacts during pre-construction, construction operation and decommissioning stages of the project(s), proposing cost effective and doable mitigation measures and devising environmental management and monitoring plans according to international standards and guidelines