Ecocare Consultancy Services (ECCS) (Pvt.) Ltd. is an environment, social and economic development consultancy firm with strong backup of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals. The company has proven track record of specialized/diversified fields and is continuously identifying the current and future demands related to environment and food production and thus food security. ECCS has evolved into a technical company with profound interests in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Climate Change, Water Resources, Alternate Energy, Reduction Emissions, Food Security, Economic Uplift and Capacity Building. ECCS is serving market niche with a broad range of services to a wide spectrum of Commercial and Service Sectors of Pakistan.
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Dr. Sultan Mahmood played his part for Food Security in Pakistan right after his PhD and closely addressed three contributory factors of this process, viz. environmental impacts, human food productivity and nutrient utilization out of five basic pillars, where other two untouched areas are food availability & food affordability.

First decade’s strives, in fact, revolved around rendering services to agriculture & livestock sectors through FAO, GTZ, BRSP, Punjab Government & Universities at US, Poland, Germany and Denmark. In second decade he used the blend of experience with his multidisciplinary team players through completing 270 projects in the areas of food, social & environment to shape-up the diverse portfolio of viable Food Security System and emphasized two other interdependent disciplines, viz. animal/plant sources of human food, and physical/social environment, e.g. climate change & community behavior. 

Since 2012, the third decade envisages to help the policy makers to embark on the FAO defined (2011) food security dimensions and meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related to Food & Environment. 

He has in-depth policy experience in conserving Natural Resources (land, water, animal/plant) by mitigating the adverse impacts of mega constructions for power generation, highway network, irrigation system, waste management, etc. to ensure security of human food production by sustaining an equilibrium between Urban & Rural Developments. This complex niche gets successful ends most of the times when he works for projects funded by government, universities, NGOs, and the private sector.

He welcomes receiving R&D grants to improve livestock/crop productivity for economic uplift of community as well as to offset the adverse impacts of climate change.



Ecocare Consultancy Services (ECCS) Private Limited launched in January, 2016 by submerging its various phases in operation since 1981 to strive in development sector of Pakistan by catering environmental, social and economic issues. The Company has yet a turnover of over of new phase PKR 10 Million (US$ 100,000 approx.) since its inception and it has so far secured a total of 44 projects. At present, ECCS has staff strength of 20 employees including 15 highly qualified engineers, planners, sociologist, economists, environmentalist, and other professionals, who can deal with, by and large the food security system of Pakistan.
Our profitability is dependent on the quality of work and professional excellence. Therefore, a Quality Management System is strongly in place to ensure best possible solution. Quality control is being achieved by critical internal and external reviews of performance.
We continue to endeavor towards our aim of becoming a leading environmental consultancy organization in Pakistan which could address all foreseeable impacts of Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism. The combination of rich and diverse experience in environmental consultancy sector of our staff, professional expertise, and willingness to provide best services puts ECCS in a strong position to provide consultancy services of a high standard to its clients. May Allah help us to achieve our goals. Ameen
Managing Director
Dr. Sultan Mahmood